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Swaddle Blankets

Posted by Deb Picard on July 15, 2016 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)
If you want a chance to win some really cute swaddle blankets from The Yobo Company then make sure your apart of their Facebook page so you dont miss it. The giveaway will start tomorrow and run until next Sunday...Link is to their facebook

Perfect for newborns

Posted by Deb Picard on July 11, 2016 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

When my children were all newborns I was always scared that a blanket would get on their face and they would not be able to breathe. That was my biggest fear so I never wanted them to have any type of blanket not even a swaddle blanket. Now all you new moms with newborns you dont have to worry about that theres now a swaddle blanket that is breathable. If baby pulls the swaddle blanket up on his/her face they can still breathe with ease. These cute little swaddle blankets are also super soft and have the cutest designs. They would be a perfect baby shower gift or just new blankets for your sweet little one. Take a minute and go check them out on Amazon which ill post the link below and you can also find out more about the great company who sells them by searching The YOBO Company. Our kids will always be our world and deserve nothing but the best so why not give them the best with products from The YOBO Company.

New things coming

Posted by Deb Picard on June 12, 2016 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)
I received a new product for review that i thought was great and you should know about. Take a few minutes to read my review then check the link out and see all the toys. Prices are off the wall to where you have to take a second mortgage out on your home either lol. Enjoy My kids absolutely love this truck they play with it all the time. They even tried to take it in the bath at one point but it still works. I have two younger son's 1 and 2 that are constantly pulling it away from the other so they can play with it. It's really awesome and friction powered, if you just push it a little bit it'll keep going or if you pull it back a little bit it will keep going. The bed of the truck flips up by a push of the button and the back of it opens up as well just like a dump trucks would. There's also a small button on the left hand side that when pushed the truck will make sounds and light up. It's very lightweight but very durable, my kids have pushed it off of the table and nothing's broke. They've knocked it over, stepped on it, and like I said it's been in the bathtub and the sound and lights still work. It's just a great little truck for kids to have, they would really enjoy it like mine do. I highly recommend getting this as a gift for some little boy or even a little girl if she likes to play with trucks. I'm very happy with this toy and my kids are as well so happy kids happy mom. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. ?Ū-Friction-Powered-Truck-Lights/dp/B00YCY5W1W/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

Say Bye Bye to Mom Acne!

Posted by Deb Picard on October 27, 2015 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (1)

I got the pleasure of being sent some of the new Michael Todd charcoal detox gel cleanser. I have really bad mom skin. It's dry, its acne prone, I have blackheads. I have really bad skin. Basically since I had my youngest child. So honestly these days I'm willing to try anything. I have always heard really great things about the properties of using charcoal in skin cleansers and masks but had never gotten the opportunity to try it before. I am shocked. The first couple of uses you can really see the nasty stuff thats clogging your pores start to rise to the surface. And within a week my skin was clearing up! It's has a nice scent to it, nothing overpowering. And the best thing for you vegan momma's this is a certified Vegan product! The cleanser has a nice pump, and comes out a clear grayish color with small gray dots. It has a menthol almost tea tree kind of smell to it. I am absolutely impressed with the immediate changes I have been seeing with my skin, and the fact that its only 23$ compared to some crazy priced skin cleaners, I'll take it for one that works!! You can check this product out on Ulta Beauty's site

Gurin Dehumidifer

Posted by Deb Picard on October 24, 2015 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I had the awesome opportunity to receive the Gurin Compact dehumidifier in the mail this week. We have to run a dehumidifier in our basement all the time, because of how moist it always seems to get down there. I store alot of unused items and I don't want them getting ruined by moisture. I have a big bulky dehumidifier and the thing that I always hated about it is it is SO incredibly loud. You can hear it running while you are in my living room watching tv. So it literally drove me crazy. This great Gurin dehumidifier is small, compact, and virtually noiseless. You can not hear it once you walk 5 feet away. It holds a decent amount of water for such a small product too. I was really pleased with the ease of the product use as well. There are no complicated settings or switchs. Just a simple on/off button and youre done. There is also a light indicator telling you when your tank is filled. It comes with clear cut instructions about how to clean and use the product. So if you have a damp room that is threatening to ruin your stuff, I definitely would look into this product! You can get it  here on amazon! Hope you enjoy this product as much as I have! 

Cooler Torch

Posted by Deb Picard on October 19, 2015 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

First, yes I know we are a parenting based blog, but let's be honest.. Us mom's and dad's need some grown up time occassionally. I got the pleasure of testing this amazing led light up koozie set from Cooler Torch. I immedately wanted to be able to blog about it. Why you might be asking? Because these are so cool. They would be amazing gifts for any of you that are about to get married and can't think of what to get your wedding party.  They come in 3 different colors, so you could cover the men and the women, and it gives them a fun little accessory to use during the actual reception. These super neat koozie's have 3 different LED light settings. One is a solid yellow color, then you have green, and a flashing red. Even if we are adults now, and have to be grown ups, who says grown ups still cant have totally cool "toys" too! I just absolutely love this product and how fun it is. So definitely go check out Cooler Torch! You can see them on amazon!! 

Lead Prevention ~ How Important It Is & My Families Scary Encounter

Posted by Deb Picard on October 15, 2015 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)
Lead prevention in homes, schools and doctor office's are not talked about enough when it comes to young children. I never in a million years would have thought that my family would have to worry about lead poisioning in our two year old son. I had never really been talkked to about it since having my son. The doctor's are always giving out paperwork and pampletes but never one time was I handed any infomation on lead. Yes, I have heard about it before but I was not up to date on how lead piosioning happens or really how serious it is.

Lead poisioning happens in young children more than I thought and way more than its actually spoken about.

My two year old son Izyk came up positive for a high level of lead about a month ago. We were so shocked by this news that I immediatly started doing research on it, how to prevent it, how it happens and what signs I should be looking for in his behavior for side effects. We moved into our house one year ago almost to date. We knew the house was old  but we had no idea that it could have lead throughout the home. So once we found out we called the land lord and he told us that no one under the age of twelve should be living here. He failed to tell us this when we moved in though. I started to dig deeper... I called the EPA and every other state agency I could think of. We were informed that when you move into and are renting you should be given a lead certificate stating that the home has been deleaded. We obviously never received this upon move in but we also didn't know we should have. Now we are in high gear to move. We started making plans to move within days of receiving this information. 

Now, again, we were never talked to about lead in any way, shape, or form before this happened to our son. So I just want to cover the basics. I pray that no other family has to go through what we have been through this last month.

How can you protect your child from lead poisoning?

Fix peeling lead paint and make home repairs safely.


Keep children away from chipped or peeling paint.

Fix peeling paint and make home repairs safely. This includes sectioning off the work area with plastic sheeting and tape, and wet scraping or wet sanding to keep dust levels down. Before you start work, call your local health department to find out how to work safely using lead-safe home repair methods.

Children and pregnant women should stay away from repairs that disturb old paint, such as sanding and scraping. They should stay away until the area is cleaned using wet cleaning methods and a HEPA vacuum (not dry sweeping).

Wash dust off hands, toys, bottles, windows, and floors.


Wash your child's hands and face after play, before meals, and before bed.

Wash toys, stuffed animals, pacifiers, and bottles with soap and water often.

Mop floors often, and use damp paper towels to clean window wells and sills.

Be careful not to bring lead home on clothes, toys, or jewelry.


Lead is in some children's jewelry, toys, keys, and old furniture. Find out about Lead Hazard Product Recalls and other sources of lead. Sign-up for children's product recall alerts.

Some jobs and hobbies involve contact with lead. These include: painting, plumbing, construction, car repair, or working with firearms, stained glass or pottery. To reduce lead dust, change work clothes before going home; take shoes off at your door; wash work or hobby clothes separately; wash face, hands and uncovered skin before going home.

Keep lead out of your food and tap water.


Let tap water run for one minute before using it, if it hasn't been run for a few hours. If you have a well, you still need to run your water because both town and well water could have lead from old plumbing.

Only use cold tap water for drinking, cooking, and making baby formula. Boiling your water does not get rid of lead.

Use lead-free dishes. Don't serve or store food in pewter, crystal, or cracked pottery.

Some spices, candy, cosmetics, and health remedies have been found to have lead.

Serve foods that have calcium, iron, and vitamin C. These foods help keep lead from being stored in your child's body.


Foods with calcium: milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu, and green, leafy vegetables.

Foods with iron: beans, lean meat, fortified cereal, and peanut butter.

Foods with vitamin C: oranges, orange juice, grapefruit, tomatoes, green peppers.

Fight Lead with a Healthy Diet (EPA)

Where can you find lead?


Lead is a metal that has been used in paint, plumbing, pottery, gasoline, and many other items. The most common source for childhood lead poisoning is dust or chips from old lead paint.


Sources of Lead

What is lead poisoning?


Lead is a metal that can harm children and adults when it gets into their bodies. Lead poisoning is caused by swallowing or breathing in lead. Lead is especially bad for young children whose brains are still developing. Lead can harm a child's growth, behavior, and ability to learn.


Lead can also harm babies before they're born. If you're planning to have a baby, it's important to protect yourself from lead now.


Information for women who are pregnant or planning to have a baby

Why should all children have a blood lead test?


A child with lead poisoning usually does not look or feel sick. A blood lead test is the only way to know how much lead is in the body. New York State requires health care providers to test all children with a blood lead test at age 1 and again at age 2. Up to age 6, your doctor or nurse should ask you about ways your child may have had contact with lead. Children who have had contact with lead should be tested.


What Your Child's Blood Lead Test Means

Why are young children at greatest risk?


Young children spend a lot of time on the floor. They like to put hands, toys, and other things in their mouths. This raises their chances of swallowing lead dust and paint chips. Also, a child's growing body more easily takes in lead than an adult's. Children are also at greater risk because their brains are growing quickly and lead can hurt the brain's growth. Even a small amount of lead can harm a young, growing child.


More Information and Resources for Parents and Caregivers


Find out more about lead. Talk with your doctor or nurse. You can also contact the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program in your local health department.


The materials and links below provide details on preventing childhood lead poisoning. 


Lead Poisoning is a Danger for Every Baby and Child. Here's What You Should Know

Are you Pregnant? Learn how to Protect Yourself and Your Baby from Lead Poisoning

EPA pamphlet, Fight Lead Poisoning with a Healthy Diet

Be a Good Handwasher

Lead on the Job: A Guide for Workers

Lead in children's products and imported products


Lead Hazard Product Recalls

New York City Lead in Imported Products Fact Sheets

Lead-Safe Home Repair


What Homeowners Need to Know about Removing Lead-Based Paint

Renovate Right (EPA)

Encapsulants: A Technique to Control Lead Paint Hazards

Additional Lead Poisoning Prevention Materials


Educational Materials (including translated materials)

Flash Math App

Posted by Deb Picard on October 3, 2015 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Do you have a child that is struggling in math? Are your children at the age of where they need to be memorizing their multiplication tables?

Then I have the app for you. The Flash Math  app, available for purchase on amazon, is a great way to get your kids learning. They still can feel like they're using their technology, but they will be learning the entire time as well. The app focuses on addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction. It keeps track of how many, and what percent your child is getting correct. It has basic problems featuring single digits as well as more advanced problems. 

I have a 10 year old son, and I have him doing one full round of problems every night just to sharpen and help him get quicker at solving basic mathematics problems. The more solid their foundation the better they will continue to do as they advance through the world of math. I think this is a great app to help ensure your childs success in school, and keep them interacting, and interested. 

Absolutely great for both homeschooling, and public schooling parents. I know my childs success is the most important thing to me, and it all starts with basics. So give your child the head start they need! 

Hope you enjoy! Much Love- Ana

Halloween Locket Giveaway!

Posted by Deb Picard on September 11, 2015 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (3)

If you haven't heard of A Touch Of Dazzle you're totally missing out. They have amazing jewelry items that feature holiday themes, childrens items, keychains, lockets, and other sparkley items that are sure to please any lady! But here's your chance to win one of their spooky Halloween locket necklaces!!!


All you have to do to be entered is to goto this page and complete your entry!


They are also offering a special 15% off code valid on any locket to all readers of All About Parents!!!

"This coupon code is for 15% off any locket in our store A Touch Of Dazzle use coupon code LOCKET15"

If you do purchase one of these amazing lockets, or other items from Touch of Dazzle, visit them on Facebook, and post a picture of you or your little wearing their jewelry and they are offering a 10$ gift card to anyone who does this! A discount on a locket and a 10$ gift card, you can't beat that!! :)


I really hope that you are as excited about this special chance to win this scary locket as I am!  

Much Love- Ana



How many days til Christmas???

Posted by Deb Picard on September 8, 2015 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)


Thank you google... Now I realize just exactly how little time I really have to get prepped before the holiday season is upon us. Over the next month Deb and I plan to kick it into high gear and find all the "in" products for this years season! Thats right, the 2015 Chistmas Gift Guide is underway! I just know this year will be amazing! I can't wait to be able to provide you with some real inside looks on the best new products of this holiday season, and hopefully make your shopping stress a little less! ;)    Much love  -Ana

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Contest!

Posted by Deb Picard on May 28, 2015 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Starting Tuesday, May 19, Burt’s Bees invites you to celebrate their littlest fans with the ABC’s of Baby Bee Photo Contest!

For a chance to win a grand prize of $5,000 cash and a professional photo shoot, capture and share an image of your sweet Baby Bee in one of four special moments:

· A is for Asleep. Send in your most precious photo of your little one fast asleep in a sweet slumber.

· B is for Beaming. Show us a shot of your baby’s brightest smile.

· C is for Cozy. Whether it’s a snapshot of their first yawn or soft story time cuddles, share how your baby gets cozy.

· D is for Day. Every parent knows that daytime is playtime, so show us your baby at play.

*Additional winners in each category will receive up to $2,500 worth of gift cards and Baby Bee® and Burt’s Bees Baby TM essentials

How to enter? Log onto to register and submit a photo of your Baby Bee in one, any of the above categories. After capturing your little one, bee sure to include a brief description on why you think your baby should be the “Most Buzzed About Baby Bee®.” Contestants must be three years of age or younger. After submitting, make sure to vote for your favorite up to once a day, every day, until July 6, 2015. Invite all loved ones to vote with you too! Winners will be announced on or around July 18, 2015.

To find out more, view exclusive content, and connect with other Mama Bees, visit the Burt’s Bees Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts or sign up on to be part of our dedicating mailing list.

This is the First Step in Creating a Safe & Healthy Home!

Posted by Deb Picard on May 27, 2015 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Any parent knows that creating a safe, happy and healthy home is a top priority. An absolute must for a safe and healthy home are the walls themselves. Properly insulating your home is crucial. In fact, a recent Harvard University study shows that adding insulation in homes results in fewer asthma attacks and premature deaths per year.

 Not only will this step help improve health, reduce pollution and significantly cut your energy bill- you can do it all yourself in just one day!

 Check out this short animated video and some of the benefits of insulation from NAIMA:

Better Health

 Insulation also has a public health benefit. A recent Harvard University study shows that adding insulation in homes results in 6,500 fewer asthma attacks and 240 fewer premature deaths per year. This will save households around the country about $1.3 billion per year in health care costs.

Cheaper Energy Bill

 Proper home insulation can lower your energy bills by about 30 percent. It is the simplest and most cost-effective way to reduce energy use in your home.

Cleaner Environment

 There are approximately 46 million American homes that are under-insulated. If these homes were properly insulated with fiber glass or rock and slag wool, America could save more than 800 Trillion BTUs of energy every year, which will reduce air pollution.

NAIMA has free resources to help you increase the energy efficiency in your home and improve the environment. To learn more about the benefits of insulation, visit the NAIMA website!

 Disclosure: This is sponsored content. I was compansated for this artivle but I will NOT be compansated for you clicking on any links. Thanks for reading!

Summer Break Check-List

Posted by Deb Picard on May 14, 2015 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)
Summer Break Checklist: Vacations, Fun, Outdoor Activities, Beaches... VACCINATIONS?? Anne Geddes, Renowned Photographer, Mom and Vaccination Advocate Encourages Parents To Think About Meningitis Vaccines NOW For some parents, thinking about getting their college-bound children???s vaccinations up-to-date may feel like an August to-do. However many vaccinations require more than one dose ??? including those for meningococcal disease ??? and a new survey of U.S. parents and college-aged young people suggests that parents should talk to their physician now about what they can do to help protect their children against the potentially deadly disease - before they return to school this fall. Recent cases of meningococcal disease on U.S. college campuses have served as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the disease. In 2015 alone, cases have been reported in college students at Providence College, the University of Oregon and Yale University. What the Survey Found: · Only one in ten parents (13%) believe their child would get all doses of a meningococcal disease vaccine on their own, without their parents??? presence or guidance. · Less than half of parents say they have talked to their child about how the disease is spread (42%) or its early symptoms (38%). · Less than half of young adults (49%) know that meningitis can lead to serious health complications, which may include hospitalization, hearing loss, or amputation. In addition, only 22% of young adults know that it is possible to die within 24 hours of early symptoms. · The majority of U.S. parents (83%) report wanting their child to be vaccinated against all strains/serogroups of meningitis, but 88% don???t know which strains their child has been protected against. Available for Interviews on Tuesday, May 19: · Anne Geddes: Best known for her photos of babies and motherhood, Anne acquired firsthand familiarity with the devastation of meningococcal disease while working on the Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease project. A parent herself, and United Nations Shot@Life Ambassador, Anne is available to discuss the awareness gap revealed by the survey and why she advocates for vaccination globally. · Dr. Leonard Friedland: Public health expert and licensed pediatrician Dr. Friedland specializes in infectious disease vaccinations and is the spokesperson for U.S. vaccine topics at CDC. He???ll discuss how meningococcal disease is spread, its symptoms and prevention, so that parents can feel informed as they talk to their physicians.

Doing Mother's Day Right! Homemade Breakfast Fondue from Emmi USA!

Posted by Deb Picard on May 8, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Mother’s Day only comes around once a year and though we should be thanking our Moms daily for all they do, this is the one day where we really get to show them how much we appreciate them… let’s try not to mess it up, okay?


Bacon and eggs? Pancakes? No, Dad’s not getting off the hook that easy…



Make it a day to remember by starting it off the right way, with a one of a kind Breakfast Fondue featuring Emmi USA’s Le Gruyère AOP cheese from Switzerland.

Get the kids involved by tearing cooled waffles, french toast sticks, and pancakes into bite size pieces while dad chops up sausage, bell peppers, and bacon for dippers sure to treat everyone’s taste buds.


All natural and naturally gluten free with notes of candied walnuts, dried fruit and spice, Emmi’s Le Gruyère AOP is going to have Dad looking like a rock star this Mother’s Day. And Mom? Well she’s finally going to get that Mother’s Day she deserves.

Emmi Family Fondue


1 1/2 cups apple cider

12 ounces Emmi USA Mild Gruyère cheese, grated

12 ounces Emmi USA Emmentaler cheese, grated

2 tablespoons cornstarch

Freshly ground nutmeg



Dippers: cut sausage links, waffle pieces, apples, bell peppers, hash browns, baguette cubes, mushrooms, French toast pieces, etc.


Pour apple cider into pot and place over medium-low heat.· Coat shredded cheese in cornstarch

When cider comes to a low boil, begin adding Emmi USA Mild Gruyère and Emmi USA Emmentaler until fully incorporated.

Continue stirring mixture until cheese is smooth and bubbling.

Season fondue with nutmeg, sage, salt and pepper

Serve warm along side of warmed maple syrup with choice of breakfast dippers

The Skin Regime 1-4-All Peel Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin

Posted by Deb Picard on May 4, 2015 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I have tried and been offered many products that say that they’ll help me, but only one has proved it…The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin! I have struggled with not just acne but acne scars for a long time. As I have gotten older ot seems they have gotten worse. I have probably tried almost every skin treatment there is from Proactive to Stridex pads. Everytime I thought they were starting to work I would wake up one morning and they would be worse. I have been using this method (Boot Camp & The 4-1 Peel) for about three months now and my skin is the clearest it's been in as long as I can remember.


I feel like I am still in the early stages of changing my skin care regime, but the pictures on author Dana Ramos’ website, The Skin Regime, prove that it can do what it says is does and now so can I. There are even pictures of “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil’s startling before and after pictures.


Dana has worked with dermatologist Dr. David Bank to create a skin regime that is affordable and effective for everyone’s skin. If you are tired of your dull, damaged, aging skin then The Skin Regime is for you.


Like many of us growing up in the days before actual SPF in our products, Dana had damaged skin, including melasma. She was tired of spending tons of money on products and procedures that didn't work. Personally, as long as I've been buying cosmetics and skin care products, I've said that the expensive products weren't any better than what you can buy in the grocery store or pharmacy and it appears that I was correct. She recommends quality products for everyday skin care that I most recently purchased in my local Walmart or CVS.


The Skin Regime book basically busts every myth I've ever been told about my skin, including what causes acne and why products that don’t do anything can claim that they are a cure-all. Dana is very careful to explain and back-up her information. She talks about skin peels and why hers is the best. She teaches about good skin care; from the boot camp to maintenance. Then she moves on to makeup, dermatological procedures, care of all of your skin, and even perfume. This book is an imperative part of The Skin Regime process because it teaches you how to make major changes in your skin care routine.

I am honestly so happy with the whole Skin Regime system. It's not just a system of do this do that and your done. It's a whole sytem of thinking also. I haven't felt this good or beautiful in a long time. I dont have to be embarrassed about my skin and I don't worry about my acne anymore. I might get a pimple or two every now and again but I know they won't spread like wild fire and it will be gone in no time at all.

Disclosure: I received The Skin Regime in exchange for my honest review. As always all opinions are 100% my own. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime. Thanks for reading!

Parenting With A Presence

Posted by Deb Picard on May 4, 2015 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Five Tips for Parenting With Presence


I had meditated from the time I was sixteen, so as I approached motherhood, I was certain I would be spared those dramatic, stressful moments I saw frazzled parents having with their children. Yelling or shouting? I would be too centered to succumb to that level of frustration. Trying to rush my child to get where we were going? I was confident about my ability to slow down and live in the moment.




In theory, parenting with presence sounds easy enough. Putting it into practice in real time with real children is another thing altogether. No one can push our buttons the way our kids can — ignoring repeated requests to come to dinner after we’ve made something healthy and tasty, or refusing to stay in their beds when we’ve run out of steam and desperately want to go to sleep. Sometimes we lose our cool, and our way.


Parenting shows us just how human we are. Humbling, yes, but if we relax into the experience rather than resist the difficult moments, it can be one of the greatest opportunities we will ever have to learn how to love more deeply, live more fully in the moment and become more open-hearted versions of ourselves. A blessing of untold magnitude, but one with a never-ending invitation to stretch and grow.


Here are a few of the things I have learned about parenting with presence:


Be good enough. Our children don’t need us to be saintly or enlightened. We just need to be good enough. Don't allow mean, critical voices in your head to tell you that you're not adequately conscious or evolved. That voice -- the one telling you that if you were more "spiritual," you wouldn't yell at your kids-- is not your friend. It is only with a heart that is at ease with our imperfections that we can truly embrace the opportunities for spiritual growth that come with being a parent. When you lose your way, touch your heart with a “There, there” as you would comfort a child, and begin anew.


When your buttons get pushed, look beneath the surface. None of us like being ignored or dealing with tantrums. But when we feel especially triggered by our child’s unpleasant behavior, unfinished business from our own childhood may be rearing its ugly head. If your child’s anger makes your blood boil, it may be rekindling memories of a parent’s explosive temper. If you feel painfully disrespected when your kids pretend they don’t hear you, it may be activating the hurt of being ignored as a child. Our children can be invaluable beacons of light, illuminating our emotional dark corners to catalyze deep healing and open us to extraordinary dimensions of love and acceptance.


Commit to moments of full engagement. Most of us juggle the demands of our lives by giving partial attention to each activity without being fully present for any of them. We listen halfheartedly to our child’s story about Show and Tell while our wandering mind thinks over the emails we need to send. We rush our kids through brushing their teeth, counting the moments until we can fall wearily into bed. When our kids sense our divided attention, they often generate chaos and drama to bring all of us into the room, even if their behavior results in threats or punishments. Focus on the one thing you're doing, whether it's serving a snack or changing a diaper. Investing even a few moments of fully-engaged time with your kids can bring greater joy to your parenting life.


Challenge fear. Many parents are driven by anxiety. What will happen if she doesn’t finish her homework? What if he refuses to eat dinner…again? When we are ruled by fear, we tend to come across to our children as desperate and needy, effectively putting them in charge of our happiness. Make friends with the worst case scenario so it has less of a hold over you.


Unplug. These days it is nearly impossible to visit a park and not find parents checking their devices while the kids play, or strolling their baby while chatting on their cell phone. Rarely do you see families in a restaurant without at least one person—often a child— on some kind of digital device. We all know that the digital revolution has brought amazing things to our lives, but our children need regular doses of our presence. Yes, it’s great that you can reach out for the support of your cyber-tribe when you’re feeling isolated with little kids. But the next time your cell phone beeps, try staying a little longer in the 3D world.


My now twenty-four year old son walks into the house as I’m finishing up this article. I feel the tug of my writing, but the pull on my heart is stronger and I stand up to share a hug and a few moments of “How’ve ya been?” as we catch up after not seeing each other for a few days.


I have enjoyed many soul-nurturing experiences in my life but to this day, seeing my son still splits open my heart like nothing else can. Through the many rough patches and the countless days when I fell miles short of being as conscious as I had hoped to be, this love remains. Pure, perfect and miraculous.


# # #


Susan Stiffelman, mft is the bestselling author of Parenting with Presence and Parenting without Power Struggles. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a credentialed teacher, and the Huffington Post’s weekly “Parent Coach” advice columnist. She lives in Malibu, California where she is an aspiring banjo player, a determined tap-dancer, and an optimistic gardener. Visit her online at


Based on the book Parenting with Presence: Practices for Raising Conscious, Confident, Caring Kids ©2015 by Susan Stiffelman. Printed with permission of New World Library.


About the Book

In Parenting with Presence, marriage and family therapist Susan Stiffelman says that even though most parents subscribe to the belief that inner growth happens as a result of daily meditation, mindfulness retreats, and/or inspiration from wise luminaries, it is actually their children who can be their greatest teachers.

“When it comes to parenting, it seems that although we may not have knowingly signed up for the ‘course’ our children offer, we nonetheless find ourselves forced to profoundly grow, and grow up,” writes Stiffelman. “In this respect, I believe our children can become our greatest teachers. While we may not deliberately choose to have a baby so that we can heal wounds from our childhood or become a better version of ourselves, in fact, those opportunities — and thousands more — are birthed right along with our children.”


Parenting with Presence invites parents to embark on a journey of bringing greater peace, joy, and personal transformation into their day-to-day parenting. Stiffelman offers proven strategies to help parents navigate the ups and downs of real-life child rearing with more consciousness, and to learn how to subdue the triggers that make them lose (or temporarily misplace) their equanimity. The book is an inaugural title in Eckhart Tolle’s new publishing imprint with New World Library, which features books hand selected by the bestselling author of The Power of Now for publication.


About Susan


Susan Stiffelman, mft is the bestselling author of Parenting with Presence and Parenting without Power Struggles. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a credentialed teacher, and the Huffington Post’s weekly “Parent Coach” advice columnist. She lives in Malibu, California where she is an aspiring banjo player, a determined tap-dancer, and an optimistic gardener. Visit her online. You can find the book Here.

Under the Hood with Barbara Terry

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Heading into spring cleaning season, there is no better time to consider tuning up your car and making sure you are equipped to drive safely and maintain your vehicle’s condition over time.


The words “expensive” and “stressful” are often top of mind when car owners think about servicing their vehicles. National automotive expert Barbara Terry says that doesn’t have to be the case. Barbara is partnered with to provide the information people need to make confident decisions when it comes to dealing with their cars.


Tips for women and their cars:


Educate yourself. The more you know about your car, the better off you will be. Knowledge is power. Get to know your vehicle, so that you are familiar with it and the owner's manual, which will come in handy in understanding basic maintenance needs, so that you are well-prepared before walking into a service center.

Keep maintained. Keep current on your vehicle maintenance, as per your owner's manual – this will help to minimize the repairs that may be necessary. Some common areas to maintain include:

· There is a simple hack for checking your tire pressure: Take a standard US penny with Abe Lincoln’s head on it. Insert the penny into a space between the tread of the tire. If you can see the top of his head, it’s time for a refill.


· When to change your oil and what type to use: You should change your oil every 6 months, or about every 3,000 miles. The intervals vary by manufacturer, so consult your owner's manual and locate what type of oil to use.


· Radiator fluid levels: Your radiator should always maintain a half-antifreeze/half-water mix. You can see the level of the fluid through your overflow container.


Find the right service provider and know what you should be paying ahead of time. Walking into a service center can be a daunting experience. Fortunately,’s new “Service & Repair” feature helps you understand how much you should be paying to service your car while also providing details on service centers in your area with consumer reviews to help you make the right decision. No resource existed like this before.

Keep an emergency survival kit. Every driver should keep an emergency car kit in their car with a variety of items in case you experience a breakdown. You can never be too careful. Some of the smartest items to include are:

1. Box of Band-Aids, gauze and aspirin

2. A flashlight with extra batteries

3. Can of Tire Fix never hurts for a quick, temporary fix to that annoying flat tire

4. You'll always need jumper cables or a jump box, road trip or not, for a dead or weak battery

5. Blanket in case you break down on the side of the road and it’s freezing outside

Happy and safe driving!

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Wouldn't It Be Nice If Babies Came With A Instruction Manual

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Wouldn't it be nice if babies came with an instruction manual? Unfortunately, they don't. How can new parents be ahead of their baby's next steps, by knowing what to expect and how to prepare?

On Tuesday, April 21, Dr. Alanna Levine, a practicing pediatrician will be available via SKYPE video or by phone from 7am-1pm ET to walk you through baby's key developmental stages, discuss places in the home where babies explore during each new stage and share what experts, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggest to help make sure those places are healthy and germ-free. She can also help you be aware of how to recognize when babies might be missing key milestones.

Note: Provided by Lysol and its Mission for Health, spreading the message that healthy habits lead to happier lives in homes, schools and businesses.

About Dr. Levine: Dr. Alanna Levine is a New York based pediatrician and a mom of two children. As a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Levine frequently appears on television and in print speaking about breaking medical news and common parenting topics. Dr. Levine is a contributor for, and she is on the executive committee for the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Communications and Media. Dr. Levine sees patients at Orangetown Pediatric Associates in New York and is also on staff at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey. She completed her internship and residency at the Mount Sinai Hospital, received her medical degree at Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel, a masters in medical sciences from Boston University, and a bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Babiators Review! ~ 2015 Parents Super Guide!

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Izyk and I love his sunglasses from Babiators. I got the Babiators for young children 6 months to three years. Luckily it's been sunny and warm out here and we have had the chance to use them in the sun quite a bit in the last week. I can tell you is how nice they are. Both sizes are very sturdy frames that are bendable so you don't have to worry about them getting snapped by your younger crowd. The lenses are inside the frames and seem to be at no risk of being pushed out. I really love how easy they are for him to get on himself. With other sunglasses he has a hard time getting them on because they dont bend, with Babiators they bend enough for him to get them on with ease. I've let my Izyk (22 months old) run around with them for days and they still look brand new only with a few fingerprints. Izyk and I fell in love with them right away. I had to steal them away when he wasn't not looking just to get photos. He carried them around for days after he got them! He will not leave the house without them either. 

With Babiators you don't have to worry about the sun damaging your children's sensitive eyes. Kids eyes mature just like they do, and so sun protection is even more important in a child. Babiators offer you 100% UVA & UVB Protection, shatter resistant lenses, Flexible Frames, a one year LOST or Broken Guarantee, two sizes and ten colors. Yes I did say a Lost guarantee. That's wonderful customer service right there! The idea for Babiators was born on a military base in Beaufort, SC, when Molly saw her fellow military wives' kids squinting in the sun while their pilot Moms and Dads stood protected and stylish in their aviator sunglasses. Molly shared her idea for safe, stylish, and durable kids' sunglasses with her aviator husband Ted, who said, "Let's make them, and call them Babiators!"

 I just love the whole idea behind Babiators and eye health is just so important. Are you ready to get your own Babiators? Go visit them on the Babiators website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Tetley Tea's Royal Baby Pool!

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The second Royal Baby is almost here and non-Royals are abuzz with speculation regarding possible baby names, gender and the arrival date of the newest addition to the Royal family. Tetley USA, Britain's most adored British tea brand, is giving fans in the US a chance to get in on the action and take a dip in the Royal Baby Pool!

You can join the sweeps HERE, where they can take best shot at guessing the Royal Baby's birth date, gender and name to be automatically entered to win FREE British Blend Tetley Tea for a year and a Royal Albert Tea Set! PLUS: twenty five additional fans will also win one box of Tetley's famous British Blend! 

GO Enter!

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